Earlier this year, Ashley Morris of StarNews met with Chef Lee Grossman to discuss what she called our menu’s hidden gems. Here’s an excerpt:

“Years ago Grossman worked with a Thai woman in the kitchen, Mama Kim. Grossman said she taught him how to make Pad Ka Pow and he always thought the recipe he learned from her was the classic dish.

‘I thought this was pretty much the national version of it until I got to Thailand and saw Pad Ka Pow everywhere, but it wasn’t her version,’ he said. ‘Her version was just from her small region, but I ate Pad Ka Pow just about everywhere we went from night markets to gas stations.’

Chef Lee said he salivates just talking about how the version he has created at the restaurant (true to the national style) is made with Heritage Farms pork, stir-fried in a blend of oyster and soy sauces along with beans, Thai basil, garlic and Thai chili all served over steamed Jasmine rice. A fried, runny egg is placed on top for added flavor.”

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