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Bming50 of Pompano Beach, Florida:

“This is my favorite sushi restaurant in Wilmington. Fun atmosphere with an open Sushi Bar where you can sit if you choose . The bar is great place to eats as well and Danielle is my go to person behind the bar. The food is amazing. The salmon comes from an organic farm in Scotland. I love everything about this place.”

birdieman503 of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania:

“Tried this place last night based on the $100 sushi review. It was everything we hoped for on our first sushi trip in Wilmington. Sat at the sushi bar so got to enjoy not only the food but the masters working their trade. Food was outstanding, help couldn’t have been better and the other guests were friendly as well Give it a try. Oh, BTW, packed on a Wednesday night.guests were friendly as well.”

Weyden of Poughkeepsie, NY:

“Wilmington should have better restaurants than it does — it has a lot of 3-star restaurants with serviceable food and 4-star restaurants with notable food. But it has very few really good restaurants, and the Bento Box is one of the best.

We went last night. As we usually do, we sat at the bar and asked the owner-chef to prepare us (my wife and I) a $100 plate of sushi — his choice (although we did tell him to avoid a few items and to please include a salmon roe). The results were delicious. He put a different sauce on each one, which worried me at first because I tend to be a purist (or a minimalist) with sushi. But the sauces were delicate, enhanced flavor, and did not overpower it. We ordered an appetizer on special: wahoo in a chile-thai basil sauce. That was spectacular. A couple of gins for me (2 Beefeaters @ $6.50 each), a white wine (dry Reisling @ $10.) for my wife. Sushi plate include a ‘sweet shrimp’: shrimp was raw, head had been crisped for eating, it took me a couple of seconds to compose myself. Also a sea-urchin — looks weird, tastes good.

If you are not a purist or minimalist (by which I mean: rice, raw fish, wasabi, and maybe a touch of soy sauce), there is a vast menu for you — lots of avacado, other veggies, sauces, etc. They also cook a lot of items, but since I go for the sushi I don’t remember them: check out the menu on-line. It is a popular place, and I thought I as a purist was in a minority.

But if you are a purist, this is the place to go. And if you want an excellent dinner in Wilmington, this is one of about three to five places to go.

Our bill was basically what we asked for (and will probably bear no relation to your bill, unless you order $100 of sushi): Wahoo appetizer special @ $14, sushi platter @ $100, alcohol @ $23. North Caroline tax about $10 – $146. before tip, $171 after. Delicious. And, I can add, just the right amount of food.”

Kerry C of Aristes, Pennsylvania:

From the moment we walked in the door it was great experience. We went at 3:30 on a Friday and sat at a high table. We were able to watch on the monitor as our sushi was being prepared. The waitress, Shelly , was absolutely wonderful. She was helpful and patient as we decided on the rolls we wanted to try. We had a family of 5 and ended up ordering 12 rolls. They were all amazing the quality of sushi was excellent. Our meal was delivered to our table on a large surfboard which made it easy to share. A couple of our favorite rolls were the Dynamite, Salmon Tempura, Katsu, and the Seriously Salmon. The fish was so fresh and melted in our mouths. The sushi was so good we ended up ordering deserts… recommend the tempura cheesecake and the potstickers.”

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